3 Tips for Building an ePatient Community on Social Media

Social media is a powerful channel which can allow you to connect with potential patients, doctors and other health care professionals. However, connecting with patients and building an epatient community is the most important because these are people who may need support. Yes, they are likely to get it from family, friends, doctors etc. But it can also help them to know what other patients such as themselves are going through.

And if you work in the pharmaceutical industry, you can use social media to create this type of community. The trick is to keep posting and write about things that your patients can relate to. This will help to build your following and keep patients engaged. Here are a few tips:

Written Content

Nowadays, people don’t have that much patience. So they’re unlikely to read social media posts which are very long. In fact, the faster you can get to the point, the better. And if you use subheadings, bullet points and lists, that’s all the better because it encourages people to keep reading. The first step to keep patients engaged is to get them to read what you write and respond if they see fit.

Visual Content

Everyone likes it when the monotony is broken up with some interesting images. But it’s a good idea to keep these photos more relatable and not airbrushed and perfect-looking. Everyone likes to look at photos of people who look a little bit like themselves. So try to use models of different ages, races, sizes etc. When you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, it helps to keep the emphasis on health, so you might want to use models who look healthy and happy.


You’re not going to be successful in social media immediately. Most people have a limited amount of success with their first few social media posts. Then they get discouraged and stop posting. It’s important not to do this. Your readership will eventually grow. Sometimes, this happens slowly and sometimes, it jumps from a few hundred to few thousand or even a few hundred thousand after a while.

As long as you keep posting, you will find patients coming to your social media page, giving you “likes,” following you and responding to your comments or the comments of others. In other words, you will be able to create an epatient community.

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