5 Pharmaceutical Marketing Tips with Global Appeal

When you’re working in the pharmaceutical industry, it helps to know the kind of audience you’re dealing with. Health is one of those things which is of paramount importance to everybody. And you’re trying to appeal to an audience whose health may be suffering in some way. So the idea is to give them faith that they can be well again and that there is an answer to their problem. The other demographic you’re appealing to includes doctors and other medical professionals. Here are some tips to appeal to these demographics on a global scale:

  1. Health: No matter where in the world a person might be located, chances are they’re going to respond to images of health. So it’s a good idea to use models who seem to radiate health rather than many of the ones currently in fashion who have a slightly underweight look.
  2. Activity: Another thing which-promotes a feeling of health and wellbeing is activity. So you have to present your audience with images of people doing things—hanging out, engaging in a sport, taking a walk etc. This is another thing that people associate with health worldwide.
  3. Light: Nothing promotes a feeling of wellbeing like being in the sun. Of course, you need to take your audience into consideration. For example, if you’re marketing to people with skin-related issues, then showing pictures of people sunbathing is not the answer. But, in general, keeping your marketing images bright and sunny does promote a feeling of health.
  4. Coziness: Yet another idea that appeals to people worldwide is the idea of coziness or what the Danish call hygge. Hygge is brought about with dim lighting, warm drinks, bulky sweaters and being with loved ones in these cozy surroundings. If you can portray a feeling of hygge in your marketing images, you’re one step further towards appealing to your demographic.
  5. Loved Ones: Yet another thing that people want to get well in order to enjoy more is the time spent with loved ones. So presenting them with images of being with loved ones will encourage them to take the steps necessary to get better.
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