Effective Ways Pharmaceutical Companies Can Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is nearly omnipresent and fully ingrained in people’s lives. However, to varying degrees, many pharmaceutical companies still struggle with social media marketing. While many patients are using social platforms for health care research and information, government rules and regulations sometimes dissuade pharmaceutical companies from fully embracing social media. 

Regardless, social media is the ideal online location to listen, educate, and interact with patients, doctors, and customers. The pharmaceutical industry’s communications are highly regulated and a single social post is difficult for providing precise facts, benefits, and hazards associated with products and conditions. Yet, there are effective ways pharmaceutical companies can use social media.

Social Media Marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

1. Education – Companies may provide disease-specific educational information and content directed toward potential customers. This content should present materials and information broadly and be impartial and objective. The aim is to assist a patient to comprehend their disease so that they may better communicate with their doctors and other healthcare providers.

2. Share Information – While social media is not the most ideal online platform for discussing the facts, benefits, and hazards associated with products and conditions, it is an effective method for distributing press releases related to new drugs, clinical trials, FDA approvals, et al. Additionally, social media is the best place to share a company’s social responsibility efforts, such as charity investments, community service, and so on.

3. Physician-Customers Chats – Facebook Groups and Twitter chats are an effective way for pharmaceutical companies to educate physician-customers outside of the traditional method of drug rep visits. Moreover, a pharmaceutical company can use their own scientists and researchers to interact with large numbers of physicians at one time. Rather than have a drug rep regurgitating a script, physician-customer can ask specific questions and receive more authoritative information.

4. Clinical Trial Enrollment – One of the biggest challenges, and the most expensive, is clinical trial enrollment. Furthermore, many clinical trial recruitment sites miss their enrollment targets. Social media can be a tool for bolstering enrollment and support researchers in reaching their enrollment goals faster and with less cost.

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