How Can Medical Device Marketers Overcome Challenges

What challenges are you faced with as a medical device marketer? The 8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West, set for April 24-26, 2019, in San Diego aims to address many of your concerns.

Did you know that right now on LinkedIn, Chief Marketing Officers have the highest job loss, more turnover than any other professional title? There’s a reason CMOs are getting fired right now at record rates. Here’s why: your customers have changed, but have you adapted your marketing and sales process to meet the needs of modern buyers? Because the old ways don’t work anymore. We now live in the “Netflix Economy”, where buyers — ESPECIALLY med device buyers — expect an on-demand, personalized, and binge-worthy buying experience.

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Your buyers are sophisticated enough to evaluate a device on its merits. That means you need to educate them until they feel comfortable and make it clear that it will work in their specific situation. Tailoring the sales process to individual buyer needs is more important than ever.

Complicating matters is the fact that med device buyers don’t want to talk to your salespeople. Physician access is at an all-time low and docs tend to consume content in 10 min or less. So how are you bringing them all the way through your message in digestible chunks, while also giving them the opportunity to “binge” when motivated? And how do you and your sales reps KNOW when they’re ready to buy, so you can follow up with the right message at the right time to close the deal?

Get it? The challenge is real, but so are the solutions, which I’ll reveal on-stage at the Digital Marketing Devices West conference in San Diego at the end of April. You’ll discover the secret to surviving the Netflix Economy and adapting your sales and marketing strategy to meet the needs of modern device buyers.


Whether you need help with your strategy, want to get ahead of the latest tactical trends, or just spitball ideas with other people who “get you” and have already overcome similar challenges…this event has you covered. Together, we can evolve and grow while the stubborn traditionalists whither away in defiance of buyer expectations.

To avoid joining them, come learn from me and dozens of med dev marketing rock stars at the 8th Digital Marketing Devices West conference.

There’s still time to register, join us in San Diego, April 24 to 26. Get a copy of the brochure to learn more about the event.

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