Beyond The Pill: Improving The Consumer Experience

Pharmaceutical companies have always been judged on how effective their drugs are when it comes to treating the intended patient conditions. However, the consumer healthcare experience will continue to have a major role as well. The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a change from the volume-based method to a value-based method, but in some ways, the shift is not having a positive impact on the traditional revenue surge.

Beyond the pill strategies are intended to give pharma companies new ways of earning revenue from consumers who are becoming more alert and conscious in regards to their value. Beyond the pill is about creating greater value by implanting products into a more comprehensive offering with the goal to improve treatments and patient outcomes.

While there are many chances and opportunities for pharma companies to go above and beyond the pill, measuring the actual success of the strategies and initiatives continue to be a global challenge, but there is no conclusive answer for it. In order for you to gain a better understanding of how successful a beyond the pill strategy can be, you will need to determine what metrics you will use to measure the current and future success of your strategy.

When patients have an active role in managing their condition, disease, or treatment the hospitalization rates will be reduced greatly. When one of your beyond the pill goals is to improve the lives of patients and consumers, improving patient and consumer engagement should be at the top of your list. However, if you are not able to actually measure those metrics, you will not be able to effectively manage them.

When you define success as increasing consumer and patient engagement, you will be able to decide which metrics will make perfect sense for your beyond the pill strategy. While there may not be an actual answer to measuring a beyond the pill strategy or initiative, we encourage you and your team to think about all the concerns surrounding your company’s beyond the pill efforts.

How will you measure the success of your patient lives? How will you measure all the improvements of your patients and consumers? What do you want the outcome of your beyond the pill initiative to be?

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