Targeting the Person and Not the Pill

With so many changes affecting healthcare, pharmaceutical companies are taking action to adjust their strategies to increase and improve patient outcomes, while diversifying their revenue. Rather than merely treating a disease, pinpointing and preventing the disease is becoming the standard practice. Driven by the idea that a decrease in serious health conditions is directly correlated with informing patients about health risks, and creating a robust interdisciplinary connection with the patient, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are changing the way they market their products and services.

Pharmaceutical companies must look past the “one pill fits all” mentality, to a world where their brand will illustrate a serious value to the patient’s life. Integrating new advancements will be difficult, but those advancements will create beyond the pill strategies resulting in a holistic understanding of the patient.

Previously, pharmaceutical companies have regarded success with the number of medications sold, but with beyond the pill strategies pharma companies are evolving to true patient-centered care, collaborating with patients and physicians, researching data to ensure the value of the medication, and ensuring patient engagement.

Pharmaceutical companies marketing their product will need to illustrate what value the product can bring to the patient. Through beyond the pill marketing ideas, your product will promote the use of wearables that track health and inform patients of areas explicitly concerning their health. The connectable devices create a solid connection to physicians and the pharma companies. The devices feed data to the company that will assist in promoting preventative measures. Although treating current and future health conditions is a necessity, the use of innovative beyond the pill strategies attempts to prevent serious health risks through information and education.

Bridging the gap between traditionally ran pharmaceutical companies and strategically innovative plans to go beyond the pill will need a transformation in thinking. Companies that have focused on medical breakthroughs will need to alter their mentalities to focus on the value of their patient. Prioritizing and promoting an industry focused on customer needs, will bring pharmaceutical companies miles closer to fully implementing beyond the pill strategies, increasing success and revenue.

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