Pillars of Success in HCP Multichannel Marketing

Data-driven multichannel marketing has a proven track record. Even so, the sophisticated executions of data integration and channel blending found in the retail industry, for example, has historically been missing from pharma marketing.

But it’s now starting to emerge, and for good reason.

Data-driven multichannel campaigns have higher open and engagement rates, as well as greater impact on HCP behavior.

In this latest e-Book from MM&M, industry experts from BioPharm Communications share best practices on how to create a flexible, integrated multichannel campaign that targets relevant audiences of any size, from more than 100,000 HCPs specializing in broad-based conditions to those specializing in extremely rare diseases. Topics include:

  • Identifying key HCP target segments
  • Developing proven promotional tools
  • Why a design-flexible, rules-based CRM platform is key
  • The need to end siloed communications
  • Constant measurement’s key role
  • Evaluating ROI using advanced analytics

Access this free e-Book today!

Guest blog post by BioPharm.

To hear more from BioPharm, join them at the 12th Digital Pharma East conference, taking place October 16-19 in Philadelphia.

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