How CRM Technology Can Benefit Your Digital Marketing

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology helps pharma (and other types of) businesses manage their relationships with existing customers and with sales leads. The most obvious beneficiaries of this technology are customer service representatives and sales professionals. However, limiting its use to these two groups hugely underutilizes this technology because marketing stands to benefit as well.

Unlike sales, which deals with individuals, marketing deals with large numbers of people as an aggregated whole. It traditionally developed generic value propositions that targeted the ideal customer — often modeled in the form of a buyer persona. Generic offers meant to appeal to this one persona are then distributed to the masses.

Unfortunately, growing consumer resistance to large scale “one size fits all” marketing is rendering this approach increasingly ineffective. However, modern CRM technology allows the marketer to make customized offers that more closely match individual interests and needs. Here are two important ways that CRM makes this possible:

Lead Segmentation
While getting to know huge numbers of leads as individuals is impossible, CRM can segment them into smaller groups with similar characteristics. You can then increase conversions by making offers that would naturally appeal to individuals with these characteristics. This segmentation can be based on demographics such as age, gender, and geographic location. This information might be acquired through form entries or survey results. Interests can be inferred by the free information your leads choose to download.

Leads can also be segmented according to their position in your sales funnel. Leads near the top of the funnel might be recent email list sign ups. They are primarily interested in consuming information that helps with their general research about their problems or needs. Leads who have been with you for longer periods (near the bottom of the sales funnel) tend to be more receptive to your specific product or service offers. Top-of-the-line CRM makes this kind of lead information readily available.

Powerful Lead and Customer Analytics
Personalized marketing campaign improvements aren’t possible without good feedback. Knowing which marketing techniques/offers brought in the most sales or attracted customers with the highest lifetime values allows you to separate campaign winners from the losers and provides valuable insight on marketing improvements. This and other useful information is stored within the CRM database. Quality CRM systems provide powerful analytics that allow you to quickly discover useful patterns and trends within this data. You can then modify your marketing accordingly.

The above are just two of several ways that CRM can be used to improve your digital marketing. Pigeonholing CRM as a strictly sales or customer service tool is a costly mistake.

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