Beyond The Pill: What’s In Your Strategy?

Do you remember the days when pharma could develop pills and commercialize them and do nothing more? Well, those days are beginning to disappear. Patient engagement and a more refreshed focus on the overall outcome have become the next major models. As a result, the industry needs to rethink the way it is currently operating and decide on a way to become a more reliable and trustworthy partner.

Due to rising healthcare costs and the various healthcare budgets across the world, many governments are not able to afford the rising healthcare costs in ways they could before. However, patients will never disappear, and the gap between healthcare budgets and the needs of patients offer the pharma industry an incredible opportunity.

The pharma industry has an opportunity to completely redefine their entire business model and close the gap that exists in the market. There can be money invested in innovation, but there also needs to be a major game plan that will eventually result in better patient outcomes. This is going to require an adjustment in thinking, and companies will need to be open to working together, bringing in the inputs of patients and healthcare providers.

There will be different strategies that can be adopted, including starting a clinic with the intention of integrating themselves in the process. There can also be other options, including adding services that will be personalized with the hope of successfully addressing the needs of the patients. The major key to doing this will be asking patients what they want and need. For this to happen, the outside-in approach will eventually need to replace the inside-out approach.

Customers should be able to express where they believe pharma can fit into the healthcare system, but many of them will believe that the pharma companies are only concerned with dollar signs. However, pharma should be seen as another partner in the healthcare system. Once pharma is seen as a partner and not a money maker, the doors of change and opportunity will open.

It is essential that everyone gets more involved so there can be better health outcomes, and this can give pharma the competitive advantage they have been looking for. Many pharma companies are making the change to include services and programs that can significantly improve better outcomes. Pharma seems to be placed in a great spot to take advantage of the various opportunities in the healthcare system.

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