Three Tips for Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a concern for those in the medical industry. According to industry surveys, 69% of patients report some type of engagement tools being used at their physician’s office. This may seem like a good number but the Insights Report suggests that number should be 100% since we’re dealing with people’s health. So, what can those in the medical industry do to increase their patient engagement goals? Here are three tips:

Develop your brand

You have personality and so does your business. Just because you are a medical facility doesn’t mean you can’t display a personable, fun, and witty side. You want your patients to have a sense about your practice’s goals, values, and mission. First, define your brand, and then go to work ensuring every aspect of your business is infused with that brand image.

Use technological tools for outreach

There are plenty of engagement tools and apps available for you to use. These tools will help you reach out to patients in a more effective manner. Some apps allow patients to sign in to a portal and check out all their health records, get reminders about important tests they need to have, and provide them with information about medical conditions they have. The app becomes an extension of your office and you can link to your patients in this way.

Redesign your website

Every once in a while, it’s time to review your website. Check to make sure that it is visually attractive as well as user-friendly. When customers come to your website, you want them to be able quickly to scan for menus and pertinent information. The menus should be clearly visible but not distracting. Using the right colors is important also. You may want to tie the color scheme into your company colors, but just how much, depends on the colors. Some colors are provoking and others calming.

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