Beyond the Pill: A Shift to Preventative Care Strategies

Technology continues to significantly change how companies interact and engage with their different consumers, and the healthcare industry is not an exception to the changes. Life science companies continue to find themselves under a significant amount of pressure, especially due to the rising cost of healthcare. The cost of providing healthcare increases when there needs to be a treatment for chronic illnesses like diabetes.

In an effort to repair the current healthcare system, the industry wants to continue to shift the attention on preventative care. While it is important that patients receive treatment for illnesses and diseases as soon as they are discovered, it will even better if life science companies were able to successfully educate people on how to live better and eat better. It is also important that patients remember how important it is to take their medications.

The beyond-the-pill strategies are a huge part of this shift in the industry. These initiatives are all about putting the patients first and effectively using technology to interact with them and engage them. A beyond-the-pill initiative can offer a variety of things, including mobile device apps that will alert people when it is time to take their medications. The initiatives can also offer connected devices that will monitor a patient’s health and analyze the information that has been received.

For marketers, beyond-the-pill strategies and initiatives can offer a variety of opportunities to improve their brand recognition and brand loyalty with the consumers and the healthcare providers. When marketers use beyond-the-pill initiatives, they can see a substantial growth in their revenue. There should be an increased focus on the value of going beyond the pill because of the variety of opportunities to engage with patients and provide outstanding results.

What are you doing to build trust and interaction with your provider and consumer bases?

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