3 CRM Myths Holding Your Pharma Business Back

As a growth stage firm or an established corporate enterprise in the pharmaceuticals sector, you probably rely upon an existing CRM system for your sales activity. Yet, too many firms of your caliber are falling for misconceptions around CRM that are hurting your performance and costing you more than needed. Here are three myths that you can easily bust to get the most out of your CRM:

CRM vendors can’t become a true long-term partner

Don’t fall for the idea that your CRM vendor provides a single service that begins and ends with installation. Work to cultivate a relationship with your CRM vendor that revolves around holistic solutions that evolve overtime. For example, consult with them on how to holistically integrate CRM into your entire organization from sales and support to development.

The cloud solves all of your problems

In the past, CRM companies sold cloud technology generically as the only necessary infrastructure solution for businesses. However, now a wide array of cloud applications are available from companies such as Google, Microsoft and IBM. Work with your CRM vendor to create a customized cloud solution that meets your needs. For instance, e-Commerce companies find the Oracle Commercial Cloud an effective package for their needs.

You can’t avoid the increasing CRM pay structure

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the pay structure with your provider. Rather than pay a hefty initial installation cost and then a series of unexpected fees down the line for your CRM package, negotiate flat-fee approaches with your vendor that include additional features such as mobile access and storage space. Taking this approach will enable you to get more out of your CRM system at a lower cost.

In the end, busting the myths around CRM will enable you to reinvent your relationship with your provider and take your performance to new levels.

To discover ways to leverage your CRM to fulfill a more customer-centric marketing strategy, join us for one of our upcoming events:

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