Mobile Friendly Digital Marketing: More Than a Software Fix

Web-enabled smartphones are becoming a ubiquitous commodity. When people carry such devices on their person, more likely than not, they will use them to access the Internet rather than waiting until they’re in front of a desktop computer or laptop. It’s a simple matter of convenience. This is the reason for the huge upsurge in mobile Internet traffic. Many pharma businesses have accommodated this traffic trend by making their websites mobile friendly.

For those using open source content management systems, such as WordPress, it amounts to a plug-in installation or getting a mobile friendly website theme. Those with relatively new websites will have mobile friendliness built in. These changes produce websites that automatically reconfigure themselves to fit the various screens of mobile viewing devices. While this helps with mobile traffic conversions, these websites are far from mobile optimized. An important improvement that shouldn’t be overlooked involves a certain type of content medium.

Short Video

Although text content is easy to produce, video does a better job of engaging the viewer. For the business owner willing to stand in front of a camera, the video she produces is more personable and establishes trust with the viewer. Video is also easier to consume than text. Animals, including humans, have been processing moving images for millions of years. This is why people can easily assimilate information more quickly with video than with text. This last point is particularly important because of the viewing habits of mobile traffic.

Convenient Internet access has caused people to spontaneously act on their impulses throughout the day. When a need arises, people immediately act on it by going online. Whatever they were doing previously is momentarily placed on hold until they finish their online activity, which usually lasts for one or two minutes. A single thought or idea can trigger this activity. These people don’t have the time to read through lengthy text, which is more difficult to consume on their small screens.

A short one or two minute video is perfect for them because they can assimilate a lot of information quickly and easily. The video must be short so they can get back to the offline activity that they’ve temporarily placed on hold.

Mobile friendly digital marketing requires more than a software fix. You must accommodate their viewing habits any way you can — and adding short, informative videos is just one way to engage with your customers on their mobile devices.

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