Five Tips to Improve Digital Marketing Conversions

Search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns take time and can get costly. However, if your website isn’t well optimized for visitor conversions, your digital marketing efforts are premature and, unfortunately, are largely wasted. If there has been no conversion optimization work done, then it’s possible that a few relatively quick changes might double or perhaps triple (if there are significant mistakes) your conversion rate. Rather than continue sending traffic to an under-performing website, take the time to give it a conversion “tune up” using these five tips:

Use Landing Pages

A landing page is designed around one single offer. Any page element that isn’t about the offer serves as a distraction and should be eliminated. This includes top menu as well as sidebar links. The traffic you send to this page should be exposed to content related to the offer.

For example, if the traffic is from a social media page, then your content there should be information about your market’s pain points that your offer solves. Avoid the common mistake of sending this traffic to your home page or to a page where your offer is but one out of several products or offers.

Use the Right Images

On pages where traffic conversion is important, use images relevant to your product. In addition, it’s well known that images of people increase conversion rates if they convey the emotions associated with your product’s benefits. There is a strong emotional component behind the decision to purchase, and imagery conveying what your product’s benefits feel like is unconsciously absorbed by the viewer.

State the Benefits of Your Product

A common mistake is limiting an offer to information about product features. While it’s important that the customer know exactly what they’re getting, include a list of the product’s benefits. This provides the emotional inducement or incentive to make the purchase.

Work on Your Headline

The headline has a strong influence on the visitor’s decision to either stay on your page or click away. Spend plenty of time researching and thinking of possible headlines. Test several headlines on your traffic to determine the best candidate.

Use Video

If you’re relaxed in front of a camera, make a video about your offer. Videos of this type make your page more “personable.”

Finally, a landing page isn’t a set-and-forget project. Continue to test different elements in an effort to improve its conversion rate.

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