Big Data: A Powerful Pharma Marketing Tool

The world around us is full of information. Worn areas of carpeting indicate household traffic flow patterns. The fungi infested trunk of a leaning backyard tree indicates an impending fall during the next wind storm. The digital world too, is filled with information, or big data, that’s increasing each year at an accelerating rate. Within the context of pharma marketing, a great deal of data exists in the form of social media interactions, purchasing data, link click-through rates, email open rates, web page traffic rates, visitor IP addresses, and geolocation data of mobile device users.

Many pharma businesses are either oblivious to or barely make use of this enormous reservoir of digital information. Those who exploit it, do so in many ways. Here are two of them:

How Visitors Interact With Business Websites

This kind of tracking is particularly useful when applied to leads who’ve already expressed an interest (of sorts) with your products or services. Knowing which of your web pages and blog posts each individual lead visited as well as their visit times reveal a lot about their specific interests and needs. Predictive lead scoring analytics tell you who is ready to buy and when. This individualized data gives insights into how to frame your offer when contacting them.

Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

The days of effective mass mailings to an email list are mostly over. People are inundated by email from all kinds of sources including spammers. Standing out in overcrowded in-boxes requires targeting each list member as an individual. That is, you need to address their specific needs and interests. This is accomplished using list segmentation based on the behaviors of your list members. Which email topics caught their interests? Did they click-through to an offer page? How long did they stay there? Have they viewed similar offers?

Big data techniques that track the behaviors of thousands of list members and apply filters that place each member into an appropriate list segment (each with different email content and offers) substantially increase your email marketing profits. In addition, the members of these segmented lists are sent the appropriate email based on their real-time behavior.

Healthcare businesses that master the above and other big data techniques will excel and become the leaders of their industry.

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