Three Digital Marketing Misconceptions That Can Lead You Astray

Because digital marketing is complex and constantly evolving, too many people form erroneous opinions about the subject. When these opinions are expressed online, they may be regarded as facts by others simply because they’re published on a website.

The Internet’s evolving nature can also generate misconceptions because digital marketing facts that were true years ago become obsolete today. Unfortunately, this obsolete information still exists on web pages throughout the Internet and persists in the minds of many digital markers. Here are three digital marketing misconceptions that live on today:

You Should Market on as Many Social Platforms as Possible

Beyond the fact that you’re spreading yourself thin doing this, many of these platforms are a waste of time and money. The reason: your target audience may not spend time on many of these platforms. It only makes sense that you market where they hang out. Do your research first before committing to any particular platform. If you lack extensive marketing resources, use the 80-20 rule to determine which 20% of the platforms bring 80% of your results, focus most of your efforts on these top performers.

You Can’t Succeed Because There’s Too Much Competition Online

It’s true the Internet has millions of business websites actively promoting their goods and services. Many of them are big brand companies. However, what you can’t see are the even greater numbers of online consumers with vastly different needs, wants, and pain points. A small or medium-sized pharma business need only target a specific niche in which they are highly qualified to service. In addition, you might target those local to your area. People are more inclined to patronize businesses local to them even if it’s done through a website. You’re a specialized expert and a local. Big brand companies would be hard pressed to compete against that.

Your Call to Action Should Always Be Above the Fold

The top portion of a web page that’s seen without scrolling is referred to as the above the fold section. This is what visitors first see when landing on a web page. Many people aren’t inclined to scroll further down the page. This has led some marketers to believe you should place your call to action above the fold where everyone will see it.

Superficially, this sort of makes sense. However, no one is going to buy your product or use your service until you make clear the value of what you’re selling. That requires some content that may take the visitor below the fold. The length of your value proposition will depend on what you’re selling. On the other hand, if you’ve made the value clear to people elsewhere and then direct them to your website to make the purchase, then you should place the call to action above the fold.

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