Efficient Multichannel Marketing Using Content Repurposing

If you’re a small pharma business, content development for multichannel marketing can be cost prohibitive to outsource, and too time intensive to do yourself. However, that’s only true if you’re developing content separately for each marketing channel. An alternative approach is repurposing content from one format such as text into other formats such as video and audio. This means you only create the content once for your primary channel and simply convert it into formats appropriate for the other marketing channels.

Perhaps you’re wondering about your audience objecting to consuming the same content more than once. However, few people frequent these different distribution channels equally. That is, most people don’t split their content consumption equally among the different types. They usually prefer one or perhaps two types of content formats such as text or video.

Deciding on Your Primary Content Medium

For many people, the decision of choosing a primary content medium has already been “made” for them. For example, if you currently have a blog with hundreds of posts, it makes sense to convert the best or the most popular of these into podcasts, e-books, twitter snippets, and email newsletters.

If many of your blog posts are closely related, it may be possible to convert multiple posts into an audio book. Converting text to audio is a simple matter of recording someone reading your text out loud. There are a number of places online where you can hire someone with a professional voice to record the audio.¬†On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch, you might write your blog posts with content repurposing in mind. You could deliberately write multi-part blog posts with the idea of converting them into an e-book and/or audio book in the future.

Yet another approach is choosing a primary content medium that most efficiently converts into other content types. For example, video most easily converts into other forms of content. Converting video into podcasts amounts to stripping the audio portion from the video. Many video editing tools have this capability.

Speech to text software will convert the audio portion of video into text, with some minor editing required on your part. This text can be used on social media, your blog, or your newsletters. Many video editors allow you to convert video frames into images, which you can use on your blog and on image based social media platforms.

Finally, another advantage of starting with video is it’s one of the most popular and effective of content mediums. Most people prefer visual content over reading text because the human brain processes visual content faster than making sense of text. This is why more people prefer watching television and movies to reading a good novel in their leisure time.

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