5 Digital Marketing Trends In the Healthcare Industry

Technology has changed the way the healthcare industry approaches marketing. Here are some digital marketing trends to look out for.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is a great way for doctors to keep in touch with their patients. Weekly or monthly streaming sessions can give patients the ability to communicate directly with healthcare professionals without waiting long times for a reply. Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouTube are all great platforms for streaming live videos.

Local Marketing

There are many ways to target people in a specific area. For example, Facebook offers the opportunity to target people using the Facebook app within a certain five-mile radius. This will allow doctors, clinics, and others in the healthcare industry to target local patients.

Create a Connection

Unlike traditional advertising, such as billboard marketing or television advertising, digital marketing lets healthcare companies create a connection with customers and patients. Mediums such as YouTube, social media, blogging, and mobile apps let you connect with customers on a level never before possible.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t yet the hottest thing, but it’s already making breakthroughs in the marketing world. For example, 360 videos can let you give customers a real-life experience of your clinic or how using your product feels like. Look out for this trend in the coming years.

More Than Just Products

Marketing is now more than just hawking healthcare products. People are looking for information on living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining physical wellness. You can create apps and websites for these purposes and keep consumers connected with your brand at the same time.

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