Have You Added Blogging to Your Pharma Digital Marketing?

With the ubiquity of Internet-capable cell phones and desktop computers, it’s fair to say that nearly everyone does their healthcare research online. People frequently go online to learn more about health conditions that concern them and to even self diagnose troubling medical symptoms. Still others research available medications and their side effects. In short, these research queries mirror many of the questions your customers ask you in their correspondence or in person.

Internet research of this kind is dangerous because anyone can set up a website and dispense advice on just about anything. This is why pharma companies should get out there and provide the information people need. The other benefit is that it’s a digital marketing opportunity to increase their business and brand awareness. One of the best ways of doing this is blogging. A blog contains articles (called blog posts) on topics that interest its visitors (like the one you’re reading now).

You should blog on topics that concern your customers. This is important because your blog should be (mostly) about your customers rather than about yourself and your business. For the most part, people are only interested in their own concerns. Of course, in order to benefit from this, you will have to write about your business and products as well. But you should limit this to about 20% of your blogging content.

Whenever possible and where regulations allow, present a product as a solution or shortcut to solving the concerns and pain points of your visitors. How do you learn about customer concerns that are only tangentially related to your business? Visit the places where they hang out. Forums are a good place to start. Do a Google search on a problem that directly relates to your products. Include the term inurl:forum with your search query. Most of the results will be forums. Visit these, explore the discussion threads, and identify appropriate blogging topics.

Note that this is a commitment. Without long-term consistent blogging, it’s a wasted effort. The search engines prefer blogs that frequently publish, and it’s impossible to generate much of a following if there’s nothing new for them to read. If you aren’t naturally prolific at writing, consider hiring a writer.

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