Are You Targeting the Right Keywords in Your Digital Marketing?

Pharma companies that drive traffic to their websites using search engine optimization (SEO) can potentially make a classic mistake in their choice of keywords. That is, to optimize their web pages and blog posts for high traffic keywords (search phrases) with three or fewer words. This is understandable since high traffic keywords will bring more visitors to your site on keywords that seem, on the surface at least, relevant to your business or product.

However, unless the keyword is product specific, conversions from this type of traffic tend to be poor. The reason is that the brevity of the keyword makes it difficult to discern the search intent behind the phrase. People doing a search for ‘itch’ could be school children researching their homework, people looking up the movie with the same name, or an itch that’s unrelated to the condition you specialize in. In addition, the search results for these types of keywords are filled with well established websites that are hard to compete against.

A better SEO tactic is optimizing your pages around longer phrases that contain enough information to make their search intent clear. These phrases, called long-tail keywords, tend to have a low search volume. However, selecting keywords in which the person is clearly interested in your type of product or expertise, increases your conversion rate. Although their search volumes are low compared to short phrases, long-tail keywords are more numerous, and therefore there’s more you can optimize your web pages around.

Sometimes it’s possible to verify the user intent behind long-tail keywords by doing a Google search on them and noting the types of websites in the search results. Many of the websites near the top of the page should have content that mirrors the search intent of the keyword if they did their on-page SEO properly. In any case, if your digital marketing brings lotsĀ of traffic that converts poorly, you might want to reexamine the keywords you’re targeting in addition to checking your web page design.

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