Pharma Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

Are you working hard on your digital marketing but seeing no results worth mentioning? Some people in this situation might conclude that digital marketing isn’t well suited for the pharma industry. However, that doesn’t explain the success of other pharma businesses. Like all other skills, digital marketing has a learning curve, and mistakes will happen along the way. Here are common, but big impact, mistakes you should correct or avoid:

Targeting the Wrong Audience

It’s a mistake to drive as much traffic as possible to your website without regard to who they are as a group. Learn which social platforms your ideal customers hangout online before automatically starting a Facebook or Twitter campaign.

Do keyword research to uncover the common search phrases used by your customers when searching for your products, or when researching problems related to your products. SEO your articles or blog posts around those keywords.

Vague Digital Marketing Plan

You know you want to use digital marketing to get more customers and increase business. But that is a desire rather than a plan. It doesn’t provide any action steps. Develop a plan that is concrete and detailed about how you will realize your desire for more business.

Don’t attempt to get the plan out of the way by doing it when you can spare a half hour. The success of your business depends on it. Do the research, make a preliminary plan, and modify it when ideas and improvements occur to you. On the other hand, complete it in a reasonable time.

Website Issues

If your website takes longer than two seconds to load, it’s too slow. Some people are willing to wait longer than this for one page to load, but not for every page. Locating the right product may require some browsing on your website, but people won’t do this if every page loads slowly.

If every page is slow, it could be a server issue. If the problem occurs on some pages but not on others, the slow pages may have excessively large files such as big image files that aren’t compressed. Don’t accept this as normal because slow loading pages cost you business. Talk to your webmaster.

Finally, make sure your website is mobile friendly. Most people use their mobile devices to go online. If your website requires lots of scrolling and zooming, people will move on because it’s too much effort compared to other websites.

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