Bringing Customer-Centricity to Underserved Populations

One of the great challenges the healthcare industry faces is how to consistently bring quality care to underserved communities and to segments of the population that often receive substandard medical care.

A recent example is new research showing that cervical cancer rates are higher than expected in the US, and particularly among African-American women. There are multiple possible reasons for this, including less access to regular cervical screening, variations in the kinds of treatments offered, and general disparities in medical care.

When it comes to developing models of healthcare centered on patients and their specific needs, it’s important that this focus address people who aren’t benefiting from reliable access to high-quality care.

Some of the solutions can include the following:

  • Launching campaigns targeted at underserved communities that raise awareness about various health issues and open up a discussion about different treatment options and preventative care.
  • Hosting community events such as open forums where medical practitioners and healthcare representatives provide information, start a discussion, and take questions.
  • Coming up with relatively low-budget ways to deliver high-quality healthcare, including working closely with community health centers.
  • Receiving feedback from patients, medical practitioners, civic leaders, and government officials who live and work in underserved communities.

As technology grows more sophisticated and various healthcare treatments become more effective, it’s critical to not leave anyone behind. It’s important to advocate for high-quality healthcare throughout the population and assume a leadership position in working on disparities in medical services. Throughout all of these efforts, keep patients in mind first and foremost — their needs, their preferences, and the best ways to deliver the services that will improve their health and quality of life.

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