Microreact Aids in Disease Awareness

Our traditional means of sharing information about epidemics is about to change with the release of Microreact, an open data, cloud-based system developed by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the Imperial College London, in further collaboration with the Microbiology Society.

Unlike the limited access to current disease tracking databases, which are administered by governments worldwide as well as by various public and private health organizations, Microreact permits medical researchers anywhere “to share their latest information about disease outbreaks.” Access to Microreact is free, which further increases disease awareness.

Because of the cloud-based platform, Microreact speeds information to health researchers, decision-makers and pharmaceutical developers. All of these groups rely in part on out-of-date published medical research papers with static diagrams of diseases. Microreact has dynamic images which contain much more complete imagings. These permit greater accuracy about the disease by depicting the “whole disease or infection threat” which brings greater disease awareness.

The timeliness of information can be seen by published data files in Microbial Genomics (the journal of the Microbiology Society), In partnership with Microreact, Microbial Genomics offers “a free data visualisation and sharing platform that allows scientists and health professionals worldwide to better collaborate to understand disease outbreaks.” Microbial Genomics permits interactive data queries across time and space using maps, timelines and tables.

With increasing threats from global outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola, Zika, and Typhoid, Microreact is the new standard for practitioners, as well as for health organizations, to understand disease awareness and prevent worldwide epidemics.


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