Pfizer Plays Up Mobile App Strategy to Boost Patient Engagement and Medication Adherence

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company measured by revenue. But the pharma giant aims to make inroads in another realm of health care: digital health. The company currently has more than a dozen apps in the iOS app store. Pfizer believes that the company’s responsibility is more than discovering and developing new medicines. The company believes that its role also extends to developing digital solutions that help patients make the most of the medications that they do take, according to comments reported by MobiHealthNews. This approach is leading to new forms of patient engagement and patient adherence to support healthcare goals that go beyond selling medication.

As an example, Pfizer points to its smoking cessation app called Quitter’s Circle. Pfizer worked with the American Lung Association to develop the app in order to ensure that all of its features were driven by insights into how to quit, Pfizer vice president of global communications Dennis Hancock told MobiHealthNews. Quitter’s Circle incorporates a social feed to motivate smoking cessation efforts because quitting can be a lonely process. It also incorporates a crowdfunding feature because cost is a barrier to many people who want to quit. Hancock explained that these features were driven by insights into what smokers would find useful.

“I don’t think chasing features is a really good idea in the mHealth space,” he said. “Let’s start with insights to know what people want and overcome those barriers using the best tools available.”

Ease of sharing data was the motivator for HemMobile, the Pfizer app developed for hemophilia patients. Patients can use the app to log records of their bleeds, transfusions, and other activity, MobiHealthNews explains. This data can easily be shared with the patient’s physicians. Logging is an important part of treating hemophilia, but the need to write everything down leads to low compliance. HemMobile overcomes those limitations, Hancock said. That’s Pfizer’s broader goal with its digital approach to mobile apps. Taking medication should be friendly, easy, and engaging to patients, Hancock said.

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