New York Hospital’s Patient Platform Leads Digital Transformation of Health Care

New York-Presbyterian is one of the largest hospitals in the country, in both size and scope. Besides providing a wide range of healthcare services, the institution is a teaching hospital and a research center. The health system says it employs 29,000 and serves more than 2 million patients each year. Now the hospital is taking a step forward with a move that will change how both patients and healthcare providers can connect. New York-Presbyterian has rolled out a digital health platform called NYP OnDemand offering a suite of telehealth services that are part of the broader digital transformation of healthcare.

The New York-Presbyterian system, called OnDemand, has been in development for two years. The health system has been developing the platform in its Innovation Center, according to MobiHealthNews. The system brings new video capabilities to supplement a mobile app launched by the health system earlier this year. “The comprehensive nature of this program is really what sets us apart,” New York-Presbyterian Chief Innovation Officer told MobiHealthNews. “The emphasis is really on patients.”

Patients can access the new digital system through a secure app downloaded to an iPad or desktop computer. OnDemand also provides a digital way to schedule follow-up appointments and emergency room consultations. Physicians benefit from the system as well. Though New York-Presbyterian is based in New York City, a service on the digital platform called Digital Second Opinion now connects the 1,700 doctors affiliated with the hospital to patients across the country, according to HealthCareITNews. Another service, Digital Consults, enables physician-to-physician communication for real-time consultations within the New York region. Forthcoming features include the capability for patients to have virtual follow-up with their physicians.

Telemedicine has already changed the way that clinicians care for their patients. New York-Presbyterian’s OnDemand system shows how much further telecommunications technology can take medical care.

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