Secrets to Building a Customer-Centric Experience in Pharma

The pharma industry has been traditionally brand centric. However, to be successful in the modern marketplace, it is essential to discover what the customer needs and provide added value to fulfill that proposition. It starts with finding the best avenue to reach your consumers then engage and inform. By doing so, pharma can create a customer-centric experience that inspires brand loyalty.

Meet them where they are.

For many pharma companies, multichannel marketing is underutilized. “Digital” is often isolated from the standard marketing mix. It is crucial, however, to interact with doctors and patients through all the channels they are using. These channels include professional communities, blogs, forums and social media.

Data from the Across Health Report showed the primary digital channel pharma companies use to share information with doctors is their own brand’s website. This fact could account for difficulties in engagement. Research shows that physicians prefer to access information about pharma companies through a trusted third party digital community. Similar research indicates that the same goes for patients. Consumers rarely visit a pharma website to learn about the product, preferring instead, to seek reviews from other patients or general information from sites like Wikipedia.

“The ultimate expression of great marketing and sales is getting involved in a great community of your customers. By meeting them in their own environment, you can find out what they want and define how to build the content that they need.” Tim Ringrose, CEO, M3 Europe

Increase engagement through empathy.

What is the consumer’s experience? It is important to understand that the experience is different from the product. You can blame Starbucks if you like, however, “the experience” has become a separate value proposition. To create a favorable experience and build brand loyalty one must not only put themselves in the shoes of their target audience but take a walk in those shoes as well.

Evaluate every interaction that physicians and patients have with your company and your product. Be critical. Is your company easy to deal with? Are you meeting the needs of your consumers? These questions allow you to place the customer at the center, and better anticipate the needs and desires of future clients.

Provide tools and information for customer success.

Once you have reached your target consumers and sought to understand their needs, the final step in creating a customer-centric approach is to ensure that they can be successful using your product. To do so, you must:

  • Provide clear answers to their questions
  • Focus on customer service that exceeds expectation
  • Educate the consumer with every interaction
  • Monitor trends to better anticipate needs
  • Follow up with customers to evaluate
  • Allow the client to inform the process through feedback and meaningful changes in policy and procedure

The modern marketplace has changed. Pharma must endeavor to go beyond the pill and the brand to be successful. By placing the central focus on the physician and end consumer, pharma can create brand loyalty simply by meeting needs and exceeding expectations.

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