How Digital Transformation Increases Public Health by Empowering Patients

Doctors have always struggled with getting patients to implement their advice, since patients often lack the follow-through that is required for a complete cure. An article in HealthDay points out only one-third of people who are prescribed medicine actually follow the instructions on the bottle: the rate of patient adherence is dangerously low. As the behavior of patients change with the times, helping people become healthy requires meeting people where they are: online. While doctors go through years of medical school, patients are left with little knowledge of how to care for their own health. This is where digital transformation steps up to bat.

When patients are empowered with more information, they are better prepared to tend to their own health. While people may hear about diseases such as the Zika virus, they may not know how to prevent contracting the disease or how to stop the spread of the virus. Raising disease awareness is only one way to increase patient empowerment: boosting patient engagement is key to creating lasting change. To do this, online tools become essential. By creating ePatient communities you allow patients to offer and receive much-needed peer support.

Online communities help patients take control of their health, which is necessary considering the complex patient ecosystems established. Many medical procedures are extensive and overwhelming, leaving patients feeling that they are in over their head and alone. In order to get the best treatment, they have to jump from doctor to doctor, lab to lab and pharmacy to pharmacy. By making ePatient collaboration part of your organization’s digital transformation, you are giving patients the chance to confidently take control of their journey towards health, leading them closer to their cure. It is time to fully harness the power of digital transformation to focus on educating and enabling patients.

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