How can big data improve service efficiency for pharma?

Business Standard recently published a fascinating article on how big data continues to bring about major changes to the healthcare industry. The article discusses a variety of potential benefits, including reduced healthcare costs and improved ability to focus on prevention.

One of the key developments the article highlights is the improvement in service delivery. With insights from big data, the healthcare industry can cut down on frustrating, costly delays.

The following are two ways that big data can help improve efficiency in service:

  • Increased personalization. Using insights from big data will make it easier for healthcare providers and companies to tailor service delivery to an individual patient’s needs. Patients don’t all respond the same way to a given treatment, and sometimes a particular method of service delivery proves inconvenient and frustrating. Analyzing various factors, including medical condition, patient demographics and personal habits, can help optimize service delivery for individual patients.
  • Anticipating the need for a service. Companies can better anticipate when the demand for a particular medical service will increase – not just for an individual patient, but for broader groups as well. For example, certain times of year see an increase in the need for specific treatments. Individuals healing from a particular medical condition will likely need specific medications at different points. Age cohort, gender, and other factors also influence the need for different treatments at various points in time.

Big data can provide enhanced precision to service delivery, cutting down on unnecessary costs and increasing speed and efficiency. Pharmaceutical companies need to take advantage of big data benefits to stay ahead of competitors and secure the best outcomes and service quality for patients.

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