CRM with PII?

You can enhance your CRM possibilities with the right implementation of PII (personally identifiable information). Here is how to efficiently use the discipline of personally identifiable information to put a real face and personality to the data that your CRM package will organize.

Creating Buyer Personas

A buyer persona looks like a single person, but the information on a persona template actually represent the average data coming from a similar group of your customers. For instance, if 90 percent of your first responders are between the ages of 20 and 30, the age of your buyer persona will be 25. Savvy marketers now use CRM to help fill in group customer information such as name, occupation, salary, hobbies and motives of a persona for easier targeting and analysis.

PII Enhancing CRM

Marketing experts suggest creating between three and five different buyer personas for different elements of your target market. Once you have buyer personas for these aggregates, you can test your findings against the actual present and future sales in your CRM datastream. Adjusting your persona in real-time as you make new sales is a great way to keep your target customer up-to-date in real-time instead of relying on yesterday’s information today.

Easier Targeting

Imagine how easy it is to communicate your marketing efforts to your R&D team with a buyer persona instead of a CRM chart. Everyone in the company will get on the same page quickly if you incorporate PII properly into your CRM to put a name, a face and a personality to your data.

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