A lesson in customer centricity from Walgreens

Customers like to feel that you’re anticipating their needs and coming up with new, convenient ways for them to improve their well-being and educate themselves about important health issues.

Customer centricity is essential for maintaining customer loyalty and giving your company an edge over competitors. Furthermore, and most importantly, your efforts can bring significant benefits to customers and even save them on healthcare costs in the long run.

A lesson from Walgreens

One recent example of customer centricity comes from Walgreens. As discussed in a recent Tech Crunch article, Walgreens has partnered up with Mental Health America and MDLIVE to provide some psychological services to customers. These include the following:

  • Making it easier for people to screen themselves for mental health symptoms.
  • Connecting people with therapists and counselors, particularly online. People often lack access to therapy because of mental healthcare costs and relatively few local options. Helping them find high-quality, affordable therapy or counseling is an important step towards improving their mental health.
  • Providing Walgreens pharmacists and medical staff with some mental health training.

This mental health initiative empowers customers by giving them more information and access to a greater number of treatment options. It’s also responsive to their needs and concerns, particularly if there’s a lack of mental health services in their local area.

The initiative also depends on collaboration with other organizations and companies. Collaboration often enables companies to broaden the scope of the services they offer. Furthermore, the program takes advantage of digital advances to provide education and care online and through apps.

Customer centricity can ultimately boost profits at your company, but it’s never about simply pushing products at people. It’s about making yourself a service provider responsive to your customers’ needs.

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