Improving Your Global Marketing with Compelling Stories

An important part of marketing involves the narratives you share about your products and your company.

People respond to moving, creative, and interesting stories. Stories are also a key way of developing rapport with people, a connection that you can’t achieve when you’re merely pushing products and services at them.

Do pharmaceutical companies fail to share compelling stories?

A recent article from Medical Marketing & Media discusses how pharmaceutical companies frequently neglect to communicate important stories about their products and research efforts. Pharmaceutical advertising is often bland, relying on generic images and text. Furthermore, people may not trust the claims made in these ads, particularly when they often hear news about pricing scandals and drug-related litigation.

To improve both domestic and global marketing, companies need to find the right narratives and share them as part of their advertising campaigns.

Narratives may center on case studies in which someone struggling improves their lives after starting a new kind of medication. Another type of compelling narrative might focus on the ground-breaking research that goes into developing a new drug, and the goals to promote health, improved well-being, and more cost-effective medical solutions.

A strong narrative can also show how a particular product does something different or innovative compared to other products. For example, if you can show that a product makes life easier for a parent and child, or for an elderly person living alone, you’ll speak to people and their concerns.

When it comes to global marketing, it’s critical to understand cultural differences and the kinds of narratives that people in different parts of the world crave, along with the images and text they most strongly respond to. For example, what are some of the greatest health concerns for someone living in urban China versus rural India? What are some of the major barriers to healthcare delivery and sources of distrust that people feel towards a given product? Your narratives will ideally respond to people’s anxieties, and their need to feel secure and fulfilled.

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