Promoting Medical and Health Education Globally Through Digital Transformation

One of the major benefits of the healthcare industry’s digital transformation is the ability to share information with people no matter where they are located.

A recent article from Fast Company highlights this critical development in medical services. The article discusses how doctors in Third World countries can communicate with other doctors around the world for advice and additional information about treatments they need to deliver. Furthermore, they can potentially access libraries of medical information online to compensate for few educational resources in their geographic region. With this access they can look up solutions to medical problems and broaden their knowledge base.

The tools used to strengthen healthcare delivery and foster communication between medical practitioners include Facebook groups and Skype chats. Information can also get delivered directly to a general population in a given area. With social media and the Internet more generally, people can become better informed about a range of subjects, including sanitation, healthy food preparation, and infant care – just to name a few.

To take advantage of these developments, the following are some important considerations to make:

  • What’s the cheapest or most cost-effective way to disseminate information?
  • Is the information communicated in culturally intelligible language and images? There needs to be an awareness about cultural practices in different areas and potential incomprehension surrounding certain figures of speech or symbols.
  • How can we better fight against the spread of false information masquerading as truth?

Pharmaceutical companies have an important role in the transformation of medical services and public health education. They can use social media and other kinds of digital media, including e-books and PDF files, to promote the spread of knowledge about healthy practices, diseases and medical treatments. A company can further distinguish itself through its contributions to education and outreach around the globe.

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