How Can Marketers Support Field Sales and Trade Shows With Mobile?

Mobile empowers salespeople to get the right information to their prospects as it’s needed. Face-to-face conversations with prospects can be make or break interactions. Awkward lulls, coming up empty-handed and not being able to answer straight-forward questions, or not being able to easily access information and details, can make sales reps come across as less than competent.

If the sales team cannot access and use information to address the real needs (in real-time) of their prospects, those possible customers will simply move right along. No one has time to waste and prospects want to feel heard and understood by sales teams.

Marketers can make all the difference to keep conversations moving along smoothly by putting the right marketing collateral in the hands of their sales teams. It’s called mobile sales enablement and the following are a few ways to achieve it:

Engage the Senses
Showcase your product. Demonstrate the unique features and benefits of the product with a variety of content. Marketing and sales can work together to give users the chance to visually experience a product on a mobile device.

Enhance the Customer Experience
Apps are commonly implemented during sales led presentations and interactions with prospects. However, let’s bring it back to getting the customer to engage with information directly themselves. Patients can sit right down and use a tablet directly to explore their condition or disease. Any collateral or other useful details can be consolidated on a user-friendly app that welcomes customers during their free time and as they see fit. Sales responds to the path they select with relevant follow-up.

Be a Partner
Work with leads. The meeting should not be stiff. Tablets can be used informally. Sales reps can adopt a “buyer’s mentality” and sit side-by-side to encourage more rapport with clients. Dress up the asset with insights from the prospect and what they need. A simple change in position tells people that you are on their side. Remember one of the biggest issues with many clients; they think sales reps do not hear them. Help change their perspective.

Provide Trade Show Attendees with Relevant Content
Outfit your tablets for trade show duty. Reps can access materials from a library of marketing collateral which can be shared with interested prospects directly from the app itself. One of the best things about the right app on a mobile device is that it can be used without an internet connection. This is a major plus. You know how it is out on the floor, something manages to go wrong whenever you need a connection. Not relying on an internet connection enables smooth continued conversations and engagement with a steady stream of the right information into the prospect’s hands. This is excellent for trade shows as a prospect can be encouraged to take a peek at the materials and sales can address questions based on what a prospect finds most interesting or applicable to their industry. Sales can encourage them to check out materials while marketing can track their interests and follow-up based on the collateral read.

Aggregating this data in CRM and Marketing Automation systems allows for segmentation fine-tuned to a razor-edge point- the individual. It’s marketing and sales working in alignment to speak to the needs of every single prospect. Sales reps actively listen as prospects drive the conversation. Individual interests and challenges then inform the most relevant approach.

Guest blog by Matt Greener, Director of Marketing, App Data Room

BIO: Matt Greener is a marketing, digital and SEO leader. He has spent more than 15 years employing a mix of strategic and tactical skills as a B2B marketing executive and consultant. He currently leads marketing at App Data Room, an enterprise mobile sales enablement platform.

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