The Pharmaceutical Balancing Act: Global Reach, Compliance and Time-to-Market

Pharmaceutical brands are under unique pressures when it comes to promoting their products and services. In order to get new products and services to healthcare providers they need to be able to share information with verified healthcare providers, as quickly as possible.

The typical challenge is the various regulatory and compliance mandates dictated by the geographic location of their consumers. Each market across the globe has their own rules that govern how pharmaceutical brands can interact with their consumers.

Additionally, governance over the pharmaceutical industry is ever changing. For brands, it can sometimes feel like they are trying to hit a moving target with respect to adhering to the various market regulations.

All of these challenges can inhibit or significantly reduce the speed with which vital products and services can be made available to health care providers and their patients.

In order to overcome these obstacles, it’s imperative for pharmaceutical brands to find tools and resources that speed up time-to-market, while also complying with all market regulations in specific geographies. Finding reliable and flexible tools can help address the ever changing needs within the industry.

Download a recent case study to see how Janrain helped an industry leading pharmaceutical brand navigate these issues across the globe.

Guest blog post by Marla Hay, Director of Product Management, Janrain

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