Beyond The Pill: Getting Patients To Comply

There has been a significant amount of pressure on the healthcare industry to make their overall performance better. Implementing new technology and resources could be the answer to several challenges the industry faces as healthcare continues to evolve.

Technology has significantly transformed the way many businesses in various industries handle change and challenges. Healthcare is an industry that demands change and the technological advances necessary to achieve this.

Over the course of several years ahead of us, the health systems will look for new ways to increase and improve the overall medical value. One of the things that many in the healthcare industry feel is required to actualize these improvements is to go beyond the pill.

One of the ways to achieve this is to get patients to adhere to their treatments and healthcare plans. One of the reasons many healthcare providers have been unable to achieve this is because many of the treatments are complex. Additionally, since healthcare providers do not have access to a patient’s home, they are unable monitor the patient to know if they have taken their medicine or followed their treatment plans.

However, implementing new ideas may be the key to improving better communication between patients and healthcare providers. Some of those ideas include the following:

  • patient portals
  • call centers
  • health websites
  • social media
  • CRM (customer relationship management) solutions

When you implement new strategies and ideas into your healthcare program, you can change the entire landscape of your system. What changes are you making to ensure that you go beyond the pill?

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