Going Beyond the Pill for the “Gimme Now” Generation

Are prescription drugs being overused? Has society become drug dependent, relying on pills for short-term solutions rather than going after the root of the problem? Statistics show that it has.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average American between the ages of 19 and 64 now takes over 12 prescribed drugs per capita, and that number is more than double when it comes to seniors. That is an astonishing amount. Not only can drugs cause adverse effects, but being drug dependent can cause the immune system to become neutralized to the effect that antibiotics have on the body, causing severe complications.

The Cause Of The Problem

Your doctor may not be the one at fault. In this super-fast cyber age, people are looking for the quickest and most expedient solutions. The “gimme now” mentality causes extreme pressure on doctors, because if he will not provide his patients with the quick results they are looking for, another doctor will, and before long, he will go out of business. Additionally, a doctor who refuses to prescribe drugs that could potentially help a patient may get into trouble with his local medical board, as the doctor could be accused of malpractice.

The Solution

The solution is to start thinking beyond the pill. The “I want it now” mentality, which is so prevalent in society today, has to change and the pharma industry can help facilitate that shift by focusing on the root of the sickness and by improving the patient’s general lifestyles through encouraging plenty of exercise and a healthy and nutritious diet.

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