3 CRM Trends to Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

The technology to improve your business marketing efforts is difficult to determine if your key performance indicators are not precisely identified. Customers also expect superior, personalized service no matter the CRM you are using. Here are tips for keeping ahead of the curve in a cost-effective way.

Does Your Technology Have an End-to-End Lead Nurture?

Any solution that you use must have the end in mind for every lead that the company generates. Demographic information aggregated through behavior trend lines will inform your sales team of the most viable path for the individual. Hopefully you have a sales team quick enough to think on their feet when the eventual anomaly is found!

Can You Target B2B and B2C Customer Segments?

The business that expands its options to include non-consumer options is far ahead of the curve. B2B leads to bigger sales and more loyalty. Cultivate both with your CRM to get the most cost-effective use from your marketing investment.

Can Your Landing Page Handle Multiple Brands?

The card-based web design popularized by YouTube gives your business the ability to create a multi-faceted landing page with data capture capabilities that can handle multiple brands at one time. Make sure that you are defining what prospects and data from the CRM data capture is going into the marketing automation system.

With right CRM strategy you have the ability to connect the dots between the marketing capabilities you desire and the technology to deliver them.

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