Why Live Online Physician Engagement Rocks

Brand marketers are making significant investments in digital marketing. According to IMS Strategic Data 2015, the investment in e-meetings is growing the fastest, at 55%, while the investment in face-to-face meetings with HCPs decreased 23%. Thatís not surprising as it becomes increasingly difficult to get appointments with clinicians.

Len Starnes, an internationally recognized pharma thought leader in e-business, found that in 2014, the number of attendees at virtual medical events outnumbered physical attendees at face-to-face events. And, the trend is growing exponentially as more and more physicians prefer to communicate digitally with peers, patients and pharma companies.

Virtual attendees set to outnumber physical attendees


Source: The emergent hybrid medical conference, Len Starnes.

As physicians attend fewer medical conferences there has been a surge in demand for live online education programs. In a recent survey of 1000 HCPs, PlatformQ Health found that 68% of clinicians prefer online programs, either live online or pre-recorded, because it saved them time and money and was accessible at their convenience. They especially liked the option of asking questions of faculty in a live Q&A as part of a live, video streamed virtual congress.

What makes live online events so effective? According to Ashfield Healthcare Communications, the key to effectiveness is collaborative learning. Interactive live Q&A increases engagement and collaboration between peers and promotes peer-to-peer networking. Online events based on therapeutic area also make content relevant by targeting physiciansí interests. Most importantly, live online engagement can radically reduce the cost-per-physician engaged by almost 90%.

To get a more in-depth perspective, download the FirstWord perspective, Key Enablers of Effective Live Online Physician Engagement.

Guest blog post by†PlatformQ Health Digital Solutions.

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