Patient Engagement And Empowerment: Understand The Shift Towards Patient-Centricity

Many marketers in the pharmaceutical industry are looking for ways to empower the patient. Despite being a top concern, many marketers are not anywhere near being patient-focused and are still holding on to what they are used to, which is being HCP-focused. 

When is it time to become really serious about patient engagement? In the next few years, there is expected to be a huge shift in pharmaceutical marketing. The focus should be customer centricity, and not just physician-centric. Patient centricity is becoming essential to a pharma company’s growth. How can you change your focus so your pharma company can become more centered around your patients? 

Understand The Shift

In the past, consumers have not have had the shopping behavior consumers have now. This is because they may not have been aware of the costs and information surrounding health care. However, things are not the same now. There are health care reforms and other efforts centered around improving the costs and quality of health care.

Patients are no longer walking into their physician’s office to ask about a medication they have seen on television or in an ad. Patients are now more aware of the drugs, and they take their time before making a decision about a drug. Since patients are making better decisions, they will be able to move markets. Your pharma company will now have to find the best ways to engage patients and become more patient-centric. 

Since there is a different alignment in the pharma industry, pharmaceutical companies will need to look for effective ways to empower and engage the patients. 

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