Digital Transformation: Google Glass Helps Doctors and Patients

Google Glass, hailed in 2012 as the next step in video streaming and virtual reality, appeared to fade just a few years later.

Although gone from consumer shelves,  the Wall Street Journal reveals that Google re-positioned development for the business-to-business market, especially healthcare and manufacturing. These areas benefit from real-time video communication in a head-mounted and hands free environment.

Under the general umbrella of telemedicine, Google Glass signals a digital transformation from older desktop, laptop or tablets because of its point-of-view video streaming of exams and procedures, hands-free operation, and the ability to send pictures and case data, either across the room or around the world.

Google Glass has been successful in advancing and expediting patient care and keeping costs down:  

  • UMass Medical School researchers effectively extended “bed-side toxicology consults to distant health care facilities to diagnose and manage patients with suspected cases of poisoning.” Google Glass, can put a “real-time specialist with you when you need one” to better diagnose the problem.
  • Google Glass deployed in the ambulance or emergency room adds time to the initial stroke examination. “By us seeing the patient remotely, we can prepare in the hospital to treat them more aggressively and fast,” observed Wade Smith, UCSF Neurovascular Service Director. “You can…free your hands to do things that we need you to do.”
  • Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital expedited the emergency room bedside consultant with Google Glass. The streaming video negated the need  to page an on-call specialist, and expedited  all communication with the remote specialist.

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