Mayo Clinic Creates Human Touchpoints with Healthcare Content Marketing

Healthcare content can seem cryptic, overwhelming even, to the average reader. Whether you’re a patient seeking out diagnostic information, a family member looking for supportive tips or a healthcare professional hoping to pad your experience with knowledge outside your daily scope, healthcare content can be extremely valuable and enlightening when crafted correctly.

Mayo Clinic, one of the nation’s most prestigious not-for-profit medical and research centers, is leading the way when it comes to healthcare content marketing – producing original, relatable content specific to health and wellness.

What makes Mayo Clinic’s content execution particularly innovative is, that, outside traditional editorial avenues, like Men’s Health or SELF magazine, there exists very little curative health content that is both accessible and engaging. Never boiled-down and routinely helpful, the clinic’s content is forthcoming and educational – never alienating.

Featured front-and-center on Mayo Clinic’s homepage, stories from patients, family, friends and Mayo Clinic staff members cover personal patient struggles and triumphs as well as what keeps the clinic’s staff motivated and inspired.

Above all, each piece of content is approachable and uplifting – from a patient’s personal battle with cancer to a family’s emotional struggle supporting a loved one with heart disease.

Mayo Answers, the clinic’s personal narrative subsection, is ripe with these inspiring stories. Staying true to their brand, the clinic always brings the story back to how the Mayo Clinic can help – eloquently touting their renowned expertise, highlighting their ability to authentically connect with patients and the people that support them.

Discovery’s Edge, their online research magazine, is a great example of brand publishing, or content marketing. While more highbrow than the personal narratives found on the clinic’s main website, Discovery’s Edge provides readers with digestible information from medical science research.

The online magazine – also available on the iPad and in print – gives Mayo Clinic the opportunity to distribute their research broadly. The clinic’s research laboratories are where advancements in patient care are conceived, and, with a roster of world-class researchers at their disposal, the clinic is able to capitalize on their shared excitement for improving patient care and saving lives. Interactive media – video, slideshows and audio interviews – enhance the content experience.

The clinic’s Facebook page is really a hub for the content mentioned above. Their 500,000+ Facebook followers receive a smattering of information from Mayo Clinic Answers, Discovery’s Edge as well as a number of the clinic’s topic-specific blogs and community forums.

Sticking with a relatable approach and tone, each Facebook post is concise, yet informative. Personal journeys, video interviews and photos are shared alongside everyday tips for healthy living.

Content from the clinic’s recurring e-newsletter, aptly named Housecall, is also shared, providing subscribers and non-subscribers alike with editorial features, expert Q&As, weekly health tips and recipe ideas.

What We Can Learn from Mayo Clinic’s Content Marketing Approach:

    • Create human touchpoints: Find the humanity within the story, and leverage this to connect on a deeper level with readers.
    • Strive for engagement: Particularly when producing content that can be and occasionally difficult to digest or involves sophisticated language or medical jargon, be thoughtful about tone and style. Make your content approachable,
    • Be concise, yet informative: Don’t skimp on information. There’s a balance between “dumbing it down” and making a story easy to absorb. Know your audience, but make sure to include the right information and tell the whole story.
    • Use multiple mediums: Mix it up by using interactive media such as video, audio, and photos. Layering interactive media on top of text helps bring stories to life.

Guest blog by Amanda Fayer, NewsCred Contributor

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