Are Triggered Emails Part Of Your Multi-Channel Marketing Toolkit?

Life science marketers find themselves in a challenging position. Not only do they need to provide effective multi-channel marketing campaigns but, as the industry moves towards a more customer-centric approach, they must also create personalized and targeted messages to healthcare providers and patients. This strategy also needs to work hand-in-hand with messaging coming directly from sales-reps, not just corporate messaging.

A great way to tackle this challenge is to incorporate marketing automation into your strategy by utilizing triggered emails. In this age of personalized information, triggered emails should be a mainstay in any marketer’s toolkit. Triggered emails will give life science marketers the opportunity to send emails that are not only geared towards the person who will receive the email, but be relevant to the recipient’s needs. 

How can sending triggered emails help sales reps become more connected to health care providers and your company more connected to the patients who utilize your products? Triggered emails help to strengthened the relationship between sales reps and HCPs or your company and patients by:

  • Establishing a more personalized dialogue,
  • Meeting the needs of the end user with relevant information,
  • Keeping the end user informed, and
  • Strengthening the end user’s positive outlook in regard to the sales rep or your organization as a whole.

Sending triggered emails will also help sales reps make better decisions by allowing them to know what type of content needs to be created and what information should be sent to what customer. Incorporating triggered emails into your multi-channel campaign allows your team to work smarter and make smarter decisions, which will have a positive impact throughout your organization. 

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