2 Inside Secrets for Creating a Modern Website to Boost Your Digital Marketing

Creating a modern website can be the difference between being in the green or being in the red. Here are two easy and practical tips that you can use to get an edge on your competition.

Optimize Your Home Page

The most important page on your website is arguably your home page. You should concentrate a lot of effort not only in optimizing it, but also in understanding what your visitors do on it. The book Boost E-Commerce Sales and Make More Money notes:

Use heat map software like CrazyEgg.com to determine where people are clicking on your home page. Once you determine where people are clicking on your home page, then you can optimize those sections of the page to get more people to the sections that you want them to visit.

2) Improve Your Product Descriptions

If you are selling an item online, then it is best if you can have a unique description for that item. For one thing, Google frowns on websites who use duplicate content. While it is true their algorithm is pretty intelligent, and it probably won’t penalize you if you use a stock description, it is also true there are no SEO benefits to be had from this approach. That is why creating your own description of an item, a solid digital marketing move that will give you SEO-friendly content, is ideal. It is even better if you can make an infographic for a product, because people love pictures, and therefore Google loves pictures, giving your website a boost in the search engine rankings.

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