The Importance of Patient Engagement In the Wake of the Affordable Care Act

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was implemented, millions of people now have health insurance. Many of the people with insurance now have never had a regular healthcare provider. Now, these patients are looking for a physician or healthcare provider who can meet all of their needs.

Since there are so many new patients looking for regular healthcare services, how will your patient engagement strategy impact your healthcare office, and how will you strategy work in the favor of the new patients? Under the Affordable Care Act, there are regulations that require a healthcare provider to use data and technology in ways that are helpful and meaningful. 

Many healthcare office and organizations are not equipped to create and maintain an all-inclusive patient engagement strategy. The healthcare organizations that are not equipped to implement these solutions are beginning to seek the assistance from outside. 

The Community

All of our communities have strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and challenges. Based on your community, there may be a larger group of people who will need a certain type of healthcare than others in a different town. You need to create a patient engagement strategy geared toward the population who will need a particular type of healthcare. Healthcare organizations and providers can anticipate what the residents of their community need and create a program based on everyone’s needs. 


When your healthcare organization has a stable patient communication system in place, you can give your patients better access to the information they need. Communication systems will allow your patients to have access to appointment information, preventive services information, assessments, and information recording hospital events. 

There are millions of Americans looking for the best possible care for their various needs. You have an opportunity to build a better and healthier community by improving the healthcare you provide and the way you communicate with patients. 

Pharma’s Role in Facilitating Patient Engagement

Pharmaceutical companies play an integral part in the overall patient engagement strategy. Providing resources to both patients and healthcare providers can not only positively affect engagement but also patient adherence which could save the healthcare industry billions in excess healthcare costs annually. To learn more about how your organization can effectively engage with patients and HCPs, join us for Digital Pharma East which boasts over 100 industry leaders sharing their insights to help you elevate your business strategies. To learn more about this event, download the brochure or visit the website. Click here to register and be sure to mention Priority Code BLOG.

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