4 Things You Should Know About Communicating with Healthcare Professionals

Guest blog post by HealthLink Dimensions

Healthcare professionals are pressed for time now more than ever. Time is filled with entering data into EHR systems and managing an increasing patient load. It can be hard to reach them even at the best of times, but physicians and specialists are undergoing a shift in the way they prefer to communicate. Healthcare organizations looking to connect with these individuals need to keep current marketing trends in mind to achieve success. Our recent HCP Communication Study aimed to uncover the way healthcare professionals prefer to communicate, particularly with the life science industry. Here are the four things you should know:

Education is a priority
Healthcare professionals are focused on continuous learning and prefer to receive information from life science companies that share the same mindset. In fact, 8 in 10 prefer to receive information on continuing education programs from business partners. Educating patients is a priority for healthcare professionals as well. Rather than promoting your products right away, think about what you can do to help your customers. Ninety-five percent of dental professionals use educational materials provided by business partners to educate patients, and 84 percent of physicians do the same. Consider allocating more of the budget toward content marketing to provide the resources healthcare professionals want and need.

Stay in touch
Not all companies are successfully communicating with healthcare professionals. More than 70 percent wanted better and more frequent communication from insurance carriers and pharmacy benefits managers. As healthcare becomes more patient centric and outcomes focused it is critical for payors to form strong partnerships with providers. A logical place for payors to start is strengthening lines of communication with healthcare providers.

How you communicate is important
Choosing the right channel is vital for reaching your audience. Email continues to be a popular communication channel among healthcare professionals. Close to 70 percent prefer email for industry news and product updates. This could be because of the physician’s on-the-go lifestyle. With a smartphone, healthcare professionals have access to their inboxes 24/7. According to a study from Manhattan Research, 64 percent of physicians own smartphones and use them in addition to their desktop or laptop.

Consider search engine marketing
To promote products and services, companies need to keep an eye on digital. Physicians and other healthcare professionals will conduct online searches to learn more about new research, drug and device information, and potential solutions for patients. Search engine optimization and paid search strategies can help you drive potential customers to your website.

Marketing to healthcare professionals poses a unique challenge. While physicians increasingly prefer to interact with business partners in a digital space, it’s important to take a multi-channel approach and consider how traditional marketing tactics such as direct mail can compliment digital campaigns. Life science organizations should also aim to develop content that meet the physician’s needs, such as printed educational material that physicians can provide to patients. Successful marketing not only keeps the customer’s needs in mind, but the customer’s customer as well. Keeping these points in mind while creating your communications strategy will help you deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time.

To read more about our findings from this recent HealthLink Dimensions study download Breaking through the noise: How to effectively communicate with healthcare professionals

Catering to Today's Healthcare Communication Trends

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