5 Best Practices for Redoing Customer Engagement Practices in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Guest Blog by Sanjay Virmani,Indegene

The biopharmaceutical industry has been adopting novel technologies and models to better engage Health Care Providers (HCPs). While the industry continues to seek innovation, the question of scaling the successes is equally key. How can deeper levels of customer engagement and proximity for sales, services, marketing, as well as medical functions be achieved at scale? How can customer experience be improved across the multitude of interactions? In an environment where content and services are expected in all possible live, remote, and digital channels, common practices in the industry need a redo.

We’ve put together a knowMCM Action Paper that covers 5 major area areas:

  1. Multichannel Tele-Detailing and Remote Engagement
    “Productivity is limited and the total quantum or quality of HCP engagement is not large enough for the channel to be cost effective”
  2. Enterprise Digital/Multichannel Marketing Infrastructure
    “Best practices are only occasionally transferred between programs, even less between brands or countries”

  3. Digital/Multichannel Performance Management
    Performance measures are not clearly defined and differentiated from one another”

  4. Multichannel Sampling
    “Sampling channels are siloed from each other and standard sample offers are used for all customers”

  5. Multichannel HCP Access
    “Overlapping HCPs are not fully optimized and duplicative costs are spent on accessing the same customers”

Be sure to read the entire paper by clicking here.

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