Creating a Holistic Experience Online – Pharma’s Next Step

Staying ahead of the competition as a pharma company means going beyond offering certain medications or drugs. It means improving the overall experience that patients have when they turn to you for products and services.

A recent article from Forbes on the digital transformation of pharma companies discusses the possibilities of pharma companies using the digital realm to create a holistic experience for patients.

It’s not enough for pharma companies to haphazardly adopt certain technologies for increasing their presence on social media platforms. Those are important steps, but they also need to keep a bigger strategy in mind. How do they tie together the different elements of their digital approach?

The article at one point discusses the overall strategy of a digital “concierge service” where patients can obtain various services, including the following:

  • Additional information about each drug, and its side effects and interactions with other meds.
  • Information about various diseases.
  • Updated research findings.
  • Financial aid resources for medications and overall healthcare.
  • Resources for monitoring health and medication usage, from apps reminding patients to take the prescribed dose at the right times to technology that helps them track various symptoms, vital signs and other health indicators.
  • Communication with pharma reps and health care professionals online.

This kind of organized, holistic approach can be very helpful for patients - but it also depends on patients being willing to trust pharma companies.

If patients feel that their sensitive information isn’t secure or that pharma companies are misleading them, they’ll be less likely to seek out these kinds of comprehensive services. Companies have to prove themselves trustworthy in order to foster loyalty and engagement.

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