The State of Pharma in Brazil

When evaluating international developments in pharma, Brazil is one market you can’t afford to overlook. Currently, it ranks sixth among pharma sales markets around the world and is expected to reach fourth place in a couple of years.

Drug Sales

Prescription drug sales are still going strong in Brazil, remaining an important part of the market. There’s also rapid growth in the sale of over-the-counter medications. Generic drugs also play an important role in the market.

Drug Packaging

It isn’t just the drugs themselves that drive competition between different companies; it’s also the appearance and packaging. The shape of a pill and its coloring are important, a means for different drug-makers to differentiate their products and make one option look more attractive than another. As for packaging, there’s a demand for high-quality, low-cost materials, saving money but also helping to ensure that in Brazil’s climate the drugs don’t get damaged by excessive heat and moisture.

Clinical Research

Brazil also holds out the possibility of fruitful clinical research for the pharmaceutical industry.

One barrier to research worth noting is that it can be difficult to set up a contract research organization (CRO) in Brazil; even if one follows international clinical research guidelines, there are local regulations and obstacles that can impede new business ventures. Brazil’s massive bureaucracy poses a challenge to new companies, not just related to clinical research, but across many areas of business.

However, it’s possible that in the near future it will be easier to spearhead pharmaceutical research in Brazil, as the government has recognized the problems that may result from too many bureaucratic impediments to market access. This will be an important development to monitor.

In general, countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia are the site of rapid growth in pharma, new possibilities in sales and research, and heavy competition between different companies both locally based and international.

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