Partnering to Prosper: A Candid Discussion About Evolving the Agency/Client Relationship

James Chase, MM&M Editor in Chief, recently conducted a candid discussion with pharma industry executives, from both the client and agency sides of the business. In addition to Zoe Dunn, Principal at Hale Advisors and Co-Chair of Digital Pharma West, participants included leaders from Pfizer, Zoegnix, ICC Lowe, IPG, and PharmFresh.TV participated.

James began the discussion by asking: Each of you has worked closely on at least one side of the client-agency relationship. Drawing on your experiences, what are some of the biggest challenges youíve encountered and how has the environment and the dynamic changed?

The discussion immediately focused on the many challenges inherent in todayís relationships, from the pressures of cost and timing at the expense of creative or time to develop deep, meaningful relationships among the people working on both the client and agency sides. Some argued that there is an increasing shift to more boutique, independent agencies because they are inherently more flexible than the larger holding company agencies.

Zoe focused on helping pharmaceutical companies with their organizational readiness, stating that everyone is wrestling with the need to do business differently. Brand folks rotating on and off a brand account every 18 months breaks the continuity of brand initiatives and exacerbates the challenges everyone faces.

To read the discussion in its entirety, see MM&Mís June issue.

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