Improving Patient and Doctor Connectivity Could be a Big Part of Pharma’s Digital Transformation

Digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in delivering healthcare.  Sophisticated apps, online health portals, and other digital innovations are transforming healthcare, including the prescription and monitoring of medications.

Pharma companies have developed a reputation for not being at the cutting edge of digital developments.  Companies may be using more digital media to reach out to patients and doctors as a supplement to their overall marketing efforts, but they haven’t really embraced digital technology to an extent of digital transformation for the industry.

How can pharma companies start innovating more in a digital way?

A recent article from Forbes discusses one of the most important challenges of digital health, one that will need to keep getting addressed in the coming months and years: connectivity.

There may be many apps and other digital innovations out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re being used effectively.  Here are some of the issues involved:

  • Advertisements for digital health innovations often appeal to a relatively narrow segment of the population, such as fitness enthusiasts or young health-conscious people.  There may be digital technology that’s potentially useful and even life-saving for people who are in poor or average shape, or are above a certain age, but if it isn’t presented to them in an appealing way, they may never use it.
  • Doctors themselves may not always understand the utility of certain digital health technology.  They may not grasp the possibilities or see how they can incorporate it into their daily practice along with more traditional methods of treatment and health prevention.  They may also not have enough knowledge or motivation to promote it to patients.
  • Even people who do use certain kinds of digital health technology may grow tired of it after a while.  Understanding the reasons behind poor compliance and finding creative solutions to promote continued use of a helpful technology is important.

Pharma can play an innovative role in addressing these issues.  In this way, they’ll offer value to patients and healthcare professionals that goes beyond the pill; they’ll address important health habits and promote an understanding of digital innovations, especially as they pertain to the prescription and monitoring of medications.  Pharma companies need to enter more boldly into the domain of digital health with their own innovations and with creative, beneficial ways to introduce helpful aspects of the digital world to patients and doctors.

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